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Products and Services

Foto First is the leading premier photographic retail franchise in South Africa specializing in the highest quality photographic printing available.

Foto First offers the widest range of quality camera brands. Whatever your needs, from amateur to professional, we have the right equipment for you.

We also stock a wide range of photographic accessories, from camera bags to tripods, lenses to light-filters, offering everything you might need.

Foto First promises the best quality printing by using cutting edge technology. Our Fujifilm Frontier Digital Lab system is the only system utilizing solid-state laser technology.

We use Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper that offers twice the life of any other photographic paper.

We also offer pre-stretched artistic canvas for a popular alternative to conventional printing surfaces.

Foto First offers in-store online kiosks that allow you to get creative with your images, selecting the best for printing. You can even work with your Facebook albums.

Foto First allows you to produce high quality Photobooks. You can use our in-store facilities or work from home using our downloadable proprietary software.

For unbeatable quality and one-stop photographic shopping – choose Foto First at a mall near you.